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Professional Measurement Service

Precision Metrology Solutions for Quality Inspections

Precision metrology leader. Excellence-driven inspections, advanced equipment. Expertise in projects, 24×7 on-site support nationwide.


Excellence Redefined in Metrology Solutions

Artin and Arin Technologies have come together as a united group company, and under the banner of ARIN TECHNOLOGIES, we have established ourselves as pioneers in the field of metrology solutions. Our unwavering commitment to precision is the cornerstone of our operations, and we achieve this through the utilization of cutting-edge coordinate measuring machines that set the standard for superior quality inspections.

What sets us apart is our exceptional team of highly skilled engineers who bring a wealth of expertise to the table. They have a proven track record of successfully managing a diverse portfolio of projects, spanning government initiatives, collaborations with multinational corporations, and navigating the intricate challenges of the aerospace sector. Their collective knowledge and experience form the bedrock of our capabilities.

Unveiling Our Work

Skyroot's Space Triumph

It is the great gesture from Skyroot on our service at Laser Tracker & PCMM measurement support. THE PATHBREAKING LAUNCH MISSION FOR THE INDIAN PRIVATE SPACE SECTOR.

Our Equipments

Pushing Boundaries in Metrology

Discover our cutting-edge metrology toolkit, featuring top-tier equipment like FARO Vantage, API Radian Pro Laser Tracker, Leica AT 403, HEXAGON/KSCAN MAGIC arms, and precision-driven TSCAN HAWK. Elevate measurements with our accuracy-focused solutions


Elevating Metrology Excellence

Your Precision Partner. Leading metrology solutions driven by precision and advanced tech. Expertise in diverse projects, aerospace proficiency, and 24/7 nationwide support.

Skilled Team Members

Experts ensure precise, efficient metrology solutions with skilled team members.

Cost Efficient

Harmonizing and Cost Efficiency in Our Streamlined Metrology Solutions.

Navigating Excellence with Precision

Unveil Superior Quality and Unmatched Expertise in Every Dimension of Your Projects

ARIN TECHNOLOGIES brings precision to diverse sectors – aerospace, wind energy, automotive, robotics calibration, shipbuilding, heavy vehicles, and locomotives. Our tailored metrology solutions guarantee excellence, upholding the highest standards across every industry we serve.


Diverse Industry Solutions

01. Loco Motives

Enhancing railway efficiency with precise locomotive services, maintenance, calibration, measurements.

02. Heavy Vehicle

Heavy vehicle specialists: precise maintenance, calibration, and measurements for peak performance.

03.Wind Energy

Imagine a high-tech wizard overseeing the creation of a windmill mold – that’s a laser tracker for you.

Our Clients

Pinnacle Metrology Excellence

ARIN TECHNOLOGIES excels in metrology, utilising cutting-edge machines for precise quality inspections. Our skilled engineers manage diverse projects, including government, multinational corporations, and aerospace.


Our Clients Experiences